Whether it be your wedding or a family gathering, a corportate event or live music gig, I would love to be there to capture it and help you tell your story of those moments through the beauty of an image.

My name is Chris, and I live in East Sussex with my wife and daughter.

The way in which life is captured and viewed has changed significantly over the past decade.

Photographs are no longer taken, developed, printed and filled away in the family photo album, but are now captured, and accessible globally, within a matter of moments.

My passion and enthusiasm for photography started at an early age, with my both my father and grandfather being photographers, so growing up, cameras were always accessible, and helped to fuel my interest.

I really appreciate those moments of everyday life, where time seems to stand still for just one second. I try to capture those fleeting moments with a photojournalistic style in environments where true characters shine, for example that cheeky wink at a wedding or the all important winning moment at a sporting event.

I pride myself on being a purist and getting an image right from the camera with minimal editing.

Over the past decade I have focused on the technical aspect of photography allowing me to capture the moments that matter to my clients, and being able to provide high quality images.

I am fully insured and have a full mobile studio setup, allowing me to capture formal imagery such as products and portraits on-location or can be used informally with props as a photo booth for events and parties.

I would love to be able to capture your next event, no matter how big or small. Contact me to discuss details.

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