For the past few months I have, along with many others stood outside my doorstep and clapped in appreciation for NHS and keyworkers for their incredible sacrifices they are making amid the COVID-19 crisis.

However, a recently felt that a clap did not seem enough.

I had seen a number of other photographers who had been taking doorstep portraits for charity and it gave me the idea of doing a similar thing but to offer to free for a limited number of NHS staff.

I have been questioned as to why I choose the NHS, as there are many others who are putting their lives at risk for us daily. People such as postal workers, carers, shop workers, delivery drivers to name but a few.

Choosing the NHS was a no brainer for me. My mum is a nurse and has worked for the NHS for the past 40 + years and is still going, My wife too is also an employee of the NHS as an Occupational Therapist. Furthermore, having had the best care and support by NHS staff when our baby daughter was born last year gave that extra incentive to choose them.

I have offered these portraits to 20 staff and families of the NHS. I have asked them to share a little of their story with me and with their consent will publish this with their story on this blog.

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